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Daniel 11: Storm heading for the Adventist Church worldwide

According to Daniel 11: and the rest of the Bible, there is a storm heading directly for the Adventist church worldwide. The Bible states that the storm is coming. The question is, when and how will it happen?

The chapters of Daniel 11 and Revelation 17 tells of a storm approaching the earth, causing world political chaos, disintegration of moral and spiritual values, and a collapse in the world´s financial system.

These two chapters of the Holy Bible: Daniel 11 and Revelation 17 reveal the great powers involved in ruling this world in the future. These powers include the rise of the Papacy in the Roman Catholic Church, in union with all church organizations on this earth, combined with all political powers on the earth.

This revelation sounds like a way out film from a Hollywood movie. However, if you take time to read these verses in Daniel 11 and Revelation 17, you will find out that we are nearing the end of the world´s history, culminating in the last world war called Armageddon.

How and when will these final events leading up to this war happen? Read on under prayer and study.

The Major Problem in the Adventist Church and all Protestant Churches

The Protestant church has always preached and taught that when interpreting the Bible, we use the Bible and Bible only. This method has been handed down to us from the Protestant Reformation. Gerhard F. Hassel writes in his book, “Biblical Interpretation Today.” Page 3. The dominant figures of the sixteenth century Reformation such as Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and many of the Anabaptist radical reformers, broke with the medieval allegorical method of interpretation. Martin Luther´s call for sola scriptura (scripture alone) was part of his struggle against the authority of Rome that superimposed itself upon scripture. For Luther, scripture was its own interpreter.

Our theologians in the church are in danger of drifting away from this method sola scriptura, and taking short cuts to save time. We are using theological studies within and without the church to substitute the method that “scripture is its own interpreter.”

For example if we want to know the meaning for a Bible text like Colossians 2:14-17, we read a few commentaries because we do not have the time to do our own exegesis. Therefore, we are substituting theological studies on a given text done by someone you have absolute reliable trust in. The greater the learned theologian is, the more confidence you have in him. This takes the place of the “Bible is its own interpreter.”

This allows for false teachings to enter the church: double views on women´s ordination, double views on music in the church, double views on lay activities in the church, and why 10% of the church are doing missionary work and 90% are encouraging the 10% to carry on.

The Bible does not go in for two interpretations on how to do Biblical exegesis: the first is the Bible and Bible only method, and the second is using quotes from well known theologians as a substitute to thorough Bible study. What is the solution to such a problem? The writer Tony Butenko explains that through the use of a correct exegesis of the Bible, the church can avoid the approaching storm described in Daniel chapter 11. Through the use of a correct exegesis of Daniel 11: and explaining the prophesies from the Bible only, we can see how we got ourselves into this mess and how we can get out of it.

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