Daniel 11 and Revelation 17


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Rev 13:16 What is the Mark of the Beast?

Rev 13:18 What does the number 666 mean?

Revelation 12:1-17 Who does the woman represent?

Rev 13:11-18 Who does the beast from the earth represent?

Rev 13:1-10 Who does the sea beast represent?

Rev 16:12-14 Where will the battle of Armageddon take place?

Rev 17:16 What does the term mean “to eat the harlots flesh and burn her with fire?”

Rev 17:15 What do many waters mean in prophecy?

Rev 17:14 Events leading up to Armageddon

Rev 17:12.13. Who do the ten horns represent?

Rev 17:9-11 Who do the seven heads represent?

Rev 17:7.8. Who does the scarlet beast represent?

Rev 17:6 What does it mean to be drunk with the blood of saints?

Rev 17:5 What does Babylon mean in the book of Revelation?

Rev 17:4 What are “purple and scarlet” related to?

Rev 17:3 What does “sitting” mean in prophecy?

Rev 17:2 What does it mean “to drink the wine of her fornication?”

Rev 17:1 Who is this harlot?

Introduction to Rev 17: One of the greatest errors in prophetic interpretation

Storm heading for the Protestant Church worldwide

Daniel 11: Are we doing exegesis or eisegesis?

Daniel 11:14 -12:3 – Advice to theologians in the Adventist church

Daniel 12:1-3 What happens when we die?

Daniel 11:45 Which church prevents you from coming to God?

Daniel 11:42-43 The New World Order verses God´s commandments

Daniel 11:44 The last worldwide war: Armageddon.

Dan 11: 41 Exegesis, the problem in the church

Daniel 11:35-39 When is the time of the end?

Daniel 11:34 Why did the papacy kill over 50 million Roman Catholics?

Daniel 11:33 How cruel can men be, acting in the name of God?

Daniel 11:31-32 What does the “abomination of desolation” mean?

Daniel 11:30 Why did the first reformers protest against the pope?

Daniel 11:26-29 Sexual immorality in the Roman Catholic church

Daniel 11:21-25 How the papacy became head of the church?

Daniel 11:15-20 How can a “daughter” be so corrupt?

Daniel 11:14 Who are the “sons of robbers?”

Who is the King of the South?

Who is the King of the North?

Dan 11: Who is this “Unknown Power” that will rule the world?

Daniel 11:40 How are the Jesuits influencing world politics?

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